Nevada Museum of Art in partnership with the Desert Research Institute, continues to push the boundaries of STEAM Education. In 2022, the NV STEAM Conference united educators from across Nevada with conversations designed to inspire creativity and curiosity and explore the connections and possibilities in STEAM education. Supported by the Nevada Department of Education, the Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology, the STEM Advisory Council, and the NV STEAM Subcommittee and in collaboration with leading arts, science, and educational organizations, the annual NV STEAM Conference inspires innovation by offering engaging workshops and nationally recognized keynote speakers. The NV STEAM Conference is the most important state-wide event for exploring ideas and strategies that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math into pioneering classroom practices that foster student creativity.  This is how we build Nevada’s future. 




655 Registrants 

1,572 Continuing Education Hours Issued to Nevada’s Educators

11 Collaborating Organizations 

13 Nevada School Districts Represented 

10 Pioneering NV STEAM Sessions 

4 Sponsors: Tesla, Nevada Gold Mines, Waste Management and City National Bank

1 Statewide Vision for the Future Based on Creativity and Innovation in Education 




95% of teachers feel more knowledgeable about STEAM Education after attending the NV STEAM Conference. 94% of teachers feel the experience provided them with novel ideas for integrating Art into other content areas. 92% believe they will be able to directly apply what they learned in the conference to their teaching practice. 95% believe the ideas learned in these sessions will have a positive impact on students. 93% of attendees believe this conference provided them with meaningful professional development. 94% of attendees would recommend this conference to someone else.  






“It was truly the most inspiring professional development I have ever had! I haven't thought about my teaching methodologies in ages, and this gave me renewed interest in making my classroom a creative place for students.”


“I loved that Design Based Learning opens our students minds and creativity. Working with students with disabilities I see how often they feel beaten down and unable to do the same things as their peers. Design Based Learning levels the playing field with the creativity and allows the students I work with truly feel that they can and are contributing to their regular classrooms.”


“I learned about design-based learning and am excited to read the book and contemplate more about that. I was inspired by Rebeca Mendez and how she integrated science and art. I will be learning more about her and bring her into my art lessons!”


“I received an introduction to new ideas and resources to support the expansion of my teaching knowledge and instruction strategies.”


“Learning should not be about grades alone. Being curious about the world and how things work is the most important.”


“The most important thing I learned is that students must be allowed creative thinking to construct their own ideas.”


“Learning HOW to incorporate Design Based Learning in my classroom and to take the risk of being creative. I need to teach my students how to be creative. It is about the process not the product.”


“Rebecca Mendez's presentation and the opening talk in the conference were the most enlightening to me. They are both right on in terms of how to empower our students and create active, engaged, learners for the 21st century.”


“The most important thing I gained by participating in the STEAM Conference was the renewed energy to let our kids be kids. Exploration, curiosity, and creativity need to be brought back into our classrooms to create the thinkers and leaders of our future.”